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Endre Ady Memorial Museum Budapest

“After my father’s death I decided that, since it was now a practical possibility, I wouldn’t leave Ady any longer living amidst the vicissitudes of hotel life, but I’d organise an apartment for him. My father’s small flat in Veres Pálné Street was very convenient.”


Recollections of Csinszka, 1919-1923


Endre Ady

Endre Ady was born in Érdmindszent, a village which today is in Romania and is named after him. Ady, who was to become a renowned poet, began his career as a journalist, though he also had verses published in the newspapers of Debrecen and Nagyvárad for which he worked. His writing became fully accomplished, in an almost explosive fashion, after he fell in love with Adél Brüll, a married woman who had returned from Paris to Nagyvárad and who appears as Léda in his poems.

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